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How to maintain orthokeratology lens? 6 ways to help fast daily cleaning and disinfection

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.10 Download the number:0

Orthokeratology is a new technology to prevent and treat myopia in adolescents. It can effectively control the development of myopia. The general brand of orthokeratology lens may promise a service life of one and a half to two years, while keV's can guarantee the use of 5-7 years. So how does Ke Shi's orthokeratology lens achieve such a long service life?

The following will tell you about the specific maintenance methods of cornea orthokeratology mirror of the United States of America.


Methods to clean orthokeratology lens correctly


1. Clean the lens with deproteinized nursing solution once a week. The specific operation method: first clean the lens with nursing solution, then put the lens into the double box, add protease tablets, and then add nursing solution for dissolution. After soaking for a period of time (according to the requirements in the manual), scrub the lens with nursing solution before wearing.  


2. Clean the inside and outside of the duplex box regularly to keep the box clean. The specific operation method is to brush the inside and outside of the duplex box with toothbrush dipped in toothpaste, or change the duplex box once every three months. The sucker can be sterilized with boiling water.


3. If the lens is not used for a long time, it can be washed with pure water, wiped with clean soft cloth or soft paper, and stored dry.


4、 The correct way to wear orthokeratology lens at night: first open the double box, wash hands with soap, then take out the right spectacle lens from the double box, put it in the palm, rub it with nursing solution, put the concave surface of the lens upward on the fingertip of the right hand, add a drop of eye moistening liquid, face the mirror, pull the upper eyelid of the right eye with the middle finger of the left hand, pull the lower eyelid of the right eye with the middle finger of the right hand, and put the lens directly on the In the center of cornea, then look down, release the lower eyelid first, then release the upper eyelid, blink gently several times; the method of wearing the left lens is the same as above.


5. After the lens is taken out, it is necessary to discard the nursing liquid in the double box, rinse it with tap water and dry it.  


6. In the morning, after getting up, light eye moistening liquid first, blink hard several times to let the cornea shaping mirror move. Then face the mirror, take out the lens with suction stick, and then wash it with nursing liquid, put it into the double box, soak and disinfect with nursing solution, and then wear it again at night.


What needs to be noted is that incorrect use or maintenance will shorten the service life of the orthokeratology lens. Therefore, the small editor of the scientific television still reminds us that we should pay attention to the correct cleaning of the orthokeratology lens according to the instructions of the fitting doctor, so as to avoid unnecessary loss.