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  • 2013.07.16

    Notice of the Ministry of health on strengthening the management of orthokeratology in medical institutions

    Orthokeratology lens (commonly known as OK lens) is a kind of medical device which can change the corneal shape to correct ametropia by directly contacting the eyeball.

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  • 2023.03.04


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  • 2022.04.29


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  • 2022.04.15

    【OCuTALK】-26:Dr. Raymondi 谈糖尿病相关视网膜病变和早期发现的重要性

    【OCuTALK】-26:Dr. Raymondi 谈糖尿病相关视网膜病变和早期发现的重要性

  • 2022.04.08

    【OCuTALK】文稿-28:Dr. Arasteh 谈泪道阻塞及防治上的建议

  • 2021.09.26


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  • 2021.09.24


  • 2021.09.13

    西宁斜视与小儿眼科视光学技术临床应用培训班 IAOA基础线下培训

  • 2021.06.29


  • 2021.06.29

    陕西省第四届视光与视觉健康学术论坛 暨IAOA线下基础培训班成功召开!

  • 2021.06.29

    陕西省第四届视光与视觉健康学术论坛 暨IAOA线下基础培训班成功召开

    陕西省第四届视光与视觉健康学术论坛 暨IAOA线下基础培训班成功召开

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  • 2021.03.26


  • 2021.01.04



  • 2020.11.01

    Guidelines for novel coronavirus pneumonia prevention during childhood and adolescence

    During the novel coronavirus pneumonia epidemic, the use of electronic products increased and outdoor activities decreased, which increased the risk of myopia occurrence and progression.

  • 2020.02.10

    2020西部国际近视防控与视觉健康论坛 角膜塑形镜规范验配及护理继续教育培训班

    2020西部国际近视防控与视觉健康论坛 角膜塑形镜规范验配及护理继续教育培训班

  • 2019.06.24



  • 2018.03.23

    喜讯 | 吕帆教授当选国际角膜塑形学会亚洲分会新一届主席

    喜讯 | 吕帆教授当选国际角膜塑形学会亚洲分会新一届主席

  • 2017.04.15

    角膜塑形镜临床验配与新进展培训班”(J50-17-10) 办班通知 

    角膜塑形镜临床验配与新进展培训班”(J50-17-10) 办班通知 

  • 2017.02.12



  • 2015.05.13



  • 2014.06.20



  • 2013.11.12

    Notice on further standardizing myopia correction of children and adolescents and strengthening supervision

    In recent years, confusion in the field of children and adolescents myopia correction occurs frequently, which seriously misleads the myopia children and their parents, threatens the vision health of children and adolescents, and causes widespread social concern.

  • 2012.11.13

    International Society of Orthokeratology Asia (IAOA) training and assessment instructions

    Since its establishment in 2012, the International Association of Orthokeratology Asia (IAOA) has held more than 60 training courses and professional academic conferences in optometry, with up to 15 thousand participants**. Training and assessments include: basic training classes, improvement classes, senior member of the International Society of Orthokeratology Asia (SIAOA) exam, and senior member of the International Society of Orthokeratology (FIAO) exam.

  • 2011.06.14

    Regulations on supervision and management of operation, inspection and fitting of orthokeratology lens

    Orthokeratology lens (commonly known as OK lens) is a kind of medical equipment which can correct ametropia by changing the shape of cornea.

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chief physician, professor, doctoral supervisor, the first affiliated hospital of nanjing medical university, deputy director of the eye, the eye of Chinese medical science branch of strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology group deputy team leader, the Chinese medical doctor association ophthalmologist branch eye strabismus and children ophthalmology, deputy director of professional committee members, jiangsu province medical association branch, deputy director of the committee members, the medical association of jiangsu province branch eye strabismus and children ophthalmology group leader.

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Is orthokeratology suitable for children with longer axial length?

With the popularization of orthokeratology technology, more than 10 million myopia people in China have used orthokeratology lens. In clinical practice, we will also find some children with longer axial length. Can these children with longer axial axis be able to use orthokeratology?

Professor Chu Renyuan, director of the Key Laboratory of myopia, Ministry of health

In the information society, 80% of the information is transmitted to the brain through the eyes. Myopia will have a great impact on the cognition and understanding of information. What's more, it will directly affect national defense construction. Why is the prevalence of myopia increasing year by year in China? Is there a really effective way to inhibit it? Dream David's official website will share with you an article published by Professor Chu Renyuan, director of the Key Laboratory for myopia of the Ministry of health in China, "key points for prevention and control of myopia in children".

Analysis: the factors of eye pain when wearing orthokeratology lens

Children will occasionally have some discomfort symptoms during the fitting of orthokeratology lens, and the probability of eye pain in wearing glasses is relatively high, so how to deal with eye pain during wearing orthokeratology lens?

Jinling children's eye disease and myopia prevention and control Summit Forum will be held from November 13 to 15

The Jinling children's eye disease and myopia prevention and control Summit Forum was hosted by the First Affiliated Hospital of Nanjing Medical University (Jiangsu Provincial People's Hospital), and co organized by the strabismus and pediatric ophthalmology group of the ophthalmology branch of Jiangsu Medical Association and the children's eye care professional committee of Jiangsu maternal and child health Association.

Keratoplasty - basic knowledge 3

All kinds of brand orthokeratology instruments need to be approved by China food and Drug Administration (CFDA) before they can be used. They belong to class III medical devices.

Keratoplasty - basic knowledge 2

Today's talk is about the general knowledge of orthokeratology.

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