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Chu Renyuan: to prevent children's myopia, do not neglect the improvement of "environment"

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

Chu Rendan, director of the national Department of Ophthalmology and Ophthalmology, was the head of the Department of ophthalmology in China. Professor Chu Renyuan reminds us: to prevent children's myopia, we should not neglect the improvement of "environment".

Comment on: is there really a panacea to cure myopia in the world?

The answer is no, because the cause of myopia is very complex, we must take comprehensive measures to prevent and treat it, there is no shortcut. So far, no drug or device has been proved to cure myopia. Modern medicine has proved that heredity, perinatal health care and adverse environmental factors are the three major factors leading to myopia.

Countermeasures: prevention of myopia, starting from improving environmental factors.

Specific measures include:

1. Mother more exercise, give the baby a pair of healthy eyeballs. Nowadays, many mothers to be are promoted to "national treasure giant panda" immediately after they are pregnant. They do not do housework, some even don't even go to work. They eat and sleep every day. Little do you know, mother's less exercise will affect the baby's eye development, easy to cause baby's eyeball is not round (astigmatism), eye tissue is not strong enough (easy to expand, myopia) and other issues.

2. Do not let the baby too early, excessive use of the eye, because the baby's eyeball wall is weak, too early, excessive use of the eye will cause the eyeball to expand excessively, the eye axis lengthens early, buries the hidden danger for myopia.

3. Don't let the children read in the strong light, dark room or shaking carriage. The school should transform the classroom lighting, tables and chairs.

4. Reading and writing posture to be correct, head straight, eyes 30 cm away from the book, fingertips from the tip of the pen 2 cm, do not lie in bed, lying on the table reading.

5. Take part in more outdoor activities, one PE class a day.

6. Avoid long-term fatigue eye, continue to work or use the computer for 1 hour, should rest 10-15 minutes.

7. Do not order eye drops randomly, in order to avoid the preservatives contained in the eye.   

Dream David official website warm tips: holding pen posture is not correct. It can also cause myopia. Professor Chu once did a research in 2003, and found that incorrect posture of holding pen (thumb and index finger touching or crossing) is easy to induce myopia (fingers block the line of sight, force the head to tilt to the left, shorten the distance between eyes and books, increase the incidence of myopia), and with the aggravation of the degree of incorrect writing posture, the diopter continues to deepen.