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Keratoplasty - basic knowledge 1

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

The number of myopia is increasing in China, especially in young people. With the growth of age, the degree of myopia is increasing. Once high myopia develops, eye complications will increase. As an effective means to prevent and control myopia, orthokeratology has been widely recognized, so how to recognize orthokeratology more correctly?


The following questions are answered according to the form of answering questions, and combined with the questions that we have been engaged in corneal orthosis for more than ten years in our outpatient department. In this paper, it is not necessary to refer to the specific work of patients

What is the principle of orthokeratology?

Orthokeratology lens is a rigid contact lens designed in inverse geometry with corneal morphology, which reshapes the corneal morphology under the joint action of each arc area, so as to improve the naked eye vision and delay the development of myopia.


Contraindications of orthokeratology?

(1) Contraindications of eye and body.

(2) Relative contraindications of individual conditions: those who can't take care of themselves, have poor personal hygiene, have poor compliance, and can't review and change glasses on time.

(3) Allergic to ingredients in care products and eye drops.

(4) The wearing condition of eyes is not ideal, which is beyond the scope of orthokeratology.

(5) The diopter and corneal condition did not meet the requirements.