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Keratoplasty - basic knowledge 2

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

Today's talk is about the general knowledge of orthokeratology.

Can orthokeratology glasses cause irreversible corneal deformation?

Some parents worry about wearing orthokeratology lens, children grow up and develop, can orthokeratology lens affect the development of eyes?

After wearing orthokeratology lens, the corneal morphology changes will gradually return to the original curvature shape after 2-3 weeks of wearing.


Keratoplasty in China

Orthokeratology lens originated in the United States. After 50 years of development, orthokeratology has been applied in 34 countries around the world in 2012.

PMMA rigid contact lenses in China were developed in the early 1960s by he zhangcen and Li mianqin from the eye nose throat hospital affiliated to Shanghai First University and Huang Yongfu from Shanghai No.2 optical factory.

In the real sense, the application of orthokeratology lens was introduced from the United States in 1996, and after practice, it was introduced into China by science and Commerce in 1997.


3. Requirements for the fitting mechanism of orthokeratology?

According to the State Food and Drug Administration:

The use of orthokeratology lens is a strict medical behavior, which must be checked by professional medical institutions.

Orthokeratology lens belongs to three types of medical devices, and its fitting needs to be checked in relevant medical institutions to ensure the safety and standardization of its fitting.