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Keratoplasty - basic knowledge 3

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

Is orthokeratology a legal and compliant product technology?

All kinds of brand orthokeratology instruments need to be approved by China food and Drug Administration (CFDA) before they can be used. They belong to class III medical devices. Patients need to be fitted with orthokeratology lenses. They must go to the optometry center, ophthalmology clinic and hospital with medical device license. The biggest threat to the safety of orthokeratology lens is infectious corneal ulcer. As long as the prescription is appropriate, patients follow the guidance and do regular review, it is difficult to have severe complications.

Only through the correct matching and follow-up, strict lens management and other comprehensive projects can the treatment be successful.

Basic design of orthokeratology lens?

At present, most of the orthokeratology lenses used in China are VST design, mainly including base arc (BC), reverse arc (RC), parallel arc (AC) and peripheral arc (PC). Taking alpha type lens as an example, its parallel arc adopts double arc design, and toric can be designed in AC arc area to increase lens stability.