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Which is better of Keratoplastic lens vs myopic operation?

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.10 Download the number:0

Nowadays, there are more and more electronic products. Everyone can't do without computers, mobile phones and iPads. If you keep your eyes busy for a long time, your eyes will retaliate against you, making you short-sighted or even blind. Therefore, many people with true myopia are struggling to find a variety of safe and effective correction methods.

At present, both orthokeratology and myopic surgery belong to the hot treatment


Orthokeratology lens is a kind of rigid high oxygen permeability orthokeratology lens with special inverse geometry. Its inner surface is composed of multiple arc segments. By using the uneven distribution of lens and tear layer, through the conduction pressure of tear film in the central area and the tear siphon effect in the reverse arc area, the curvature of the cornea membrane is gradually flattened and the axial length is shortened, so as to reduce myopia and astigmatism It can effectively correct myopia and control its development speed.

Adapt to the crowd

It is suitable for people over 7 years old, myopic degree within 500 degrees, corneal astigmatism within 350 degrees, and has better myopia control effect for teenagers and children whose myopia degree increases too fast

1. Orthokeratology lens can prevent myopia from deepening in different degrees

2. Orthokeratology lens is more suitable for the age range of teenagers, effectively curb the deepening of myopia

3. The lens can be changed at any time according to the change of refractive state in the process of orthokeratology

4. Orthokeratology lens for correction of myopia within 500 degrees

5. Orthokeratology glasses should be worn at night. If you stop wearing glasses, you will recover myopia

6. The orthokeratology lens should be clean before and after wearing, and the lens should be soaked in nursing solution


According to the degree of myopia, the central thickness of cornea should be precisely calculated by computer. Cutting the cornea with laser is equivalent to adding a concave lens (myopia glasses) with the same thickness to the cornea, so as to change the angle of light entering the eye, so that the object can accurately gather on the retina of the fundus, so as to achieve the purpose of correcting myopia. It can treat myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism.

Applicable population

1. The correction range is within 1200 degrees, astigmatism is within 600 degrees, and hyperopia is within 1000 degrees

2. Age: 18-45 years old

3. Myopic surgery changes the eye shape of myopic patients and achieves the effect of no myopia

4. Strict preoperative examination is required for myopic surgery. After complete recovery, visual acuity is maintained for life. Secondary myopia rate is very low, and there is no need to wear glasses again

5. Myopic surgery has been carried out at home and abroad for more than 20 years. No discomfort of ocular refractive status has been found, and the safety has been confirmed.