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Analysis: the factors of eye pain when wearing orthokeratology lens

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

Children will occasionally have some discomfort symptoms during the fitting of orthokeratology lens, and the probability of eye pain in wearing glasses is relatively high, so how to deal with eye pain during wearing orthokeratology lens? Here, I would like to make a brief summary, hoping to give some guidance and help to the majority of users.

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According to the time of wearing glasses, I divided these factors into three stages

1. When I first put on my glasses

It is also a common phenomenon that if you have pain when wearing glasses, you can take them off. Obviously, this situation is mainly caused by wearing glasses. In my work, I found that there are two main reasons for pain when I just wear glasses

The care solution on the lens was not washed clean

The solution on the lens is not washed clean, which is often seen in families just beginning to wear it. Due to the lack of preparation of cold boiled water or unskilled wearing care. (some people will have a certain irritation after the nursing fluid enters the eyes) so I will remind my users to prepare more cold boiled water in the early stage to rinse the residual nursing liquid on the lens, so that the eyes will not hurt any more.

There are scratches on the lens

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Generally, some scratches will appear only after half a year or a year. Occasionally, some new users will also have some scratches. The main reason for scratches on the lenses is that the fingernails are too long or the lenses fall to the ground. When there are scratches on the lens, you will feel uncomfortable when wearing it.

Of course, some of the smaller scratches will not appear eye pain, only when the scratch is relatively large will appear eye pain. We can send some small scratches back to the factory for polishing without affecting the wearing effect, but if the scratch is too large, we can only replace the lens.

2. When I go to bed at night

It's good to wear glasses at night, but after wearing them for a period of time (usually a few hours), children will cry at night and say their eyes hurt. There are also two factors at this stage

Lens care is not clean, there is sediment

This situation usually occurs after the lens is used for a period of time. Due to the insufficient strength of cleaning the lens every morning, a lot of protein secreted by the eye is precipitated on the lens, and some of them even appear a white circle. In this way, the air permeability of the lens will be decreased. When children wear glasses for a few hours, the cornea will suffer from hypoxia, so there will be pain.

In view of this phenomenon, the thorough solution is to clean the lens. Of course, the ordinary nursing solution may not be cleaned. Parents can take the lens to the matching hospital to use advanced cleaning solution for cleaning, or send the lens to the manufacturer for treatment. If the lens can not be disposed of, it is suggested to replace the lens.

Lens deviation

There is also a case of children in deep sleep when there is a rapid eye movement period, lens deviation, this time as long as the lens can be removed.

3. In the morning when the lens is taken

Eye pain after getting up in the morning is very rare and usually occurs when it is difficult to get a mirror. Sometimes the lens will be fixed on the cornea one night after wearing the lens. When there is no activity, the lens will be taken out when there is no activity. The eye will observe whether there is congestion in the children's eyes. If there is congestion, some anti-inflammatory drugs can be used properly. In order to protect the cornea, some sodium hyaluronate eye drops can also be used. If there is no redness and swelling, the pain will be relieved in a few minutes or more than ten minutes, and no special treatment is required.

You may not encounter these situations. However, understanding these factors in advance when wearing orthokeratology lenses can avoid such problems. If parents have any questions in the process of using, we must call our doctor in time! Remind the majority of users of orthokeratology lens to review regularly is a good way to ensure safety and effectiveness.