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Is orthokeratology suitable for children with longer axial length?

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.18 Download the number:0

With the popularization of orthokeratology technology, more than 10 million myopia people in China have used orthokeratology lens. In clinical practice, we will also find some children with longer axial length. Can these children with longer axial axis be able to use orthokeratology?

We all know that orthokeratology is to shape the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea to rationalize the curvature of the anterior surface of the cornea, so as to achieve the effect of temporarily reducing the degree of myopia. At the same time, the "imaging shell" formed in the fundus is not only in the center, but also closer to the retina at the central part, which leads to the slow growth of the axial axis. Therefore, from the perspective of myopia control, some children with longer axial length are more suitable to wear orthokeratology lens to delay the growth of axial length.

Comparison of "imaging shell" between wearing frame glasses and orthokeratology lens


Although the axial length is not a reference for wearing orthokeratology lenses, the longer the axial length is, the higher the myopia degree will be. In normal people, the axial length is 24 mm, and the myopia degree will change by 300 degrees every 1 mm. However, if the axial length exceeds 26 mm, the myopia degree will reach 600 degrees. In this case, we do not recommend the use of orthokeratology.

Related research


In 2015, Sun Yat sen University Sun Yat sen University Sun Yat sen University Sun Yat Sen Ophthalmic Center published the paper "the effect of wearing orthokeratology lens on anterior corneal surface and ocular axis of children". The results showed that the growth of ocular axis of orthokeratology lens wearing was slower than that of those who did not wear glasses and those who wore frame glasses.