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Orthokeratoscope, emergency treatment collection!

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Time with orthokeratology

We are more or less likely to encounter some "help" emergency

Today, Xiaojiao will take stock of the common emergencies and solutions


It is difficult to get the lens


Top of the list of common problems with orthokeratology

The difficulty of getting a mirror will not only appear in the "Meng Xin" group

Even "old players" will suddenly be unable to take out the situation

Not to mention the sudden loss of suction sticks

People are anxious and don't know what to do


Aiming at the specific causes and solutions of the above problems,


What causes difficult extraction of orthokeratology lens?

There have been many parents' feedback recently


Orthokeratology lenses for children

Always can't take it off

Or it is difficult to remove the orthokeratology lens

It usually takes more than 10 minutes to get the lenses

Even half an hour to get it out

It can cause children to be afraid or uncomfortable with their eyes

Among them are new users who have been wearing glasses for less than a week

There are also users who have worn glasses for more than 2 years


You might think

It's understandable that the lenses of new patients are difficult to obtain

Why is it difficult to get lenses for old patients?

It's even easy to get before

It's hard to pick it up after a while

Xiaojiao will give you an explanation and analysis today

I hope I can help you



For new users, the lens is not easy to take off and can not be removed, most of which is caused by incorrect lens taking method or tight lens.


First of all, during the first week of reexamination, the fitting doctor should be asked to rule out whether the lens is too tight,


Secondly, we should consider whether the method of getting the lens is wrong. After wearing the glasses for half a year or individual height, the myopia patients may have difficulty in getting the lens. According to the statistical analysis, the main reasons for the difficulty are as follows


1. Incorrect method of taking off and wearing:

Although there are text and video tutorials, users who wear orthokeratology lenses at the initial stage often suck the suction stick directly in the middle of the lens, so they will find it very difficult to take out the lens and the suction force is very large.


Correct operation method: first use suction stick to suck the edge of the lens, and then rotate it to the left and right to let the air enter, and then the lens can be easily removed. Do not directly adhere to the center of the lens and pull it out.

2. Take the lenses immediately after you get up:

This kind of reason is relatively rare at present, mainly occurs in the school period. Because of the tense time in the morning, you should take the lens immediately after you get up, because the lens has no activity, it will be more difficult to get the lens.


Treatment: after waking up, drop a drop of orthokeratology lens care solution, and take it when the lens has a certain degree of activity in the eye.


3. Too long wearing time at night:

We suggest that the best wearing time is 8-10 hours, but during the winter and summer vacation, many children are easy to be "quilt sealed" and stay in bed. The result is that the lens is difficult to get, especially in people with high myopia degree.


Treatment suggestion: it is suggested that children should take off the lens in the morning and then sleep back to sleep, which can avoid the occurrence of such problems.


4. Aging of sucker rod:

Yes, the aging of the sucker rod can also make the lens difficult to access. Because the sucker rod is a rubber product, it will also cause deformation of suction cup and decrease of suction force after high temperature and aging. It is recommended that a new sucker rod be replaced within 3 months. In this way, it can avoid the phenomenon that the aging of the sucker rod leads to the difficult access of the lens.


5. The patients with higher degree were as follows

This kind of situation generally appears in the height group after wearing glasses for half a year, and the frequency is relatively rare. It is only necessary to carry out purification level in-depth maintenance on the lens when rechecking.


For users who often have difficulty in taking off the mirror


How to reduce the occurrence of such things


First of all, orthokeratology glasses should be worn in children's eyes for about eight hours every day. In the morning, the eyes will be dry and astringent, so we ask parents to drip eye drops. If you don't blink enough, the eye drops can't enter the contact surface between the lens and the cornea, which makes the lens still difficult to take. This is why a lot of parents reflect the drop of a lot of medicine, but still difficult to get the reason!


Secondly, the service life of the lens is about 1.5 years. If the life of the lens is reached, it will lead to the aging of the lens, the decrease of oxygen permeability, and the deformation of the lens, which will increase the secretion of the eye at night and make the lens easy to adhere to the cornea.


There are also many because the lens is usually not cleaned in place, protein removal is not diligent enough, resulting in lens reversal Arc protein precipitation. These deposits can not promote tear circulation due to prolonged contact with the cornea, leading to dryness between the cornea and the lens, resulting in the difficulty in getting the lenses the next morning, and even the pain of waking up in the middle of the night or strong feeling of wearing foreign bodies.



Finally, many parents do not accurately position the sucker when they take the lens. Parents often inhale in the middle of the lens when taking the lens. Even some parents are not sure whether the lens is directly sucked into the eye on the cornea. In fact, the best way to get the orthokeratology lens is to lean on the edge, so that the suction of the lens on the cornea is the minimum.


How can we take the mirror simply?


Make sure that the lens has mobility: every morning after ordering the Shurun lotion, you should blink hard for 3 to 5 minutes. Make sure that the eye lotion enters the contact surface between the lens and the cornea, and that the lens can move freely in the vertical position with the blink.


Every time you take off the lens, you should carefully clean it: you can't leave it in the nursing solution like the contact lens. In addition to protein, you must be diligent. You should also take the lens with you regularly and let the doctor check it on the instrument.


Make sure that the lens removal technique is correct: when taking the lens, you must pay attention to the edge, and do not expose the edge.


Regular lens replacement: doctors generally advise that the lens should be changed within 1.5 years, but it is found that many parents have some small problems in their daily care, so many lenses should be changed almost in one year or so.


Relax and don't blink as often as possible.


In addition, the wearer should be reminded to check whether the lens is on the cornea when taking out the lens, so as to avoid eye discomfort caused by the direct contact of the sucker rod with the cornea. If it can not be removed, please contact the fitting doctor immediately.


Ocular abnormalities

Eye abnormalities are also common problems

For the initial wearer, it is easy to have initial adaptation symptoms, foreign body in lens, abnormal eyes, allergic lubricant and so on

For the wearer in maintenance period, the lens may deposit, scratch and wear, and wear out of date

There are also because of weather, seasonal factors caused by dry eye, meibomian gland dysfunction, subconjunctival bleeding, cold rhinitis and other symptoms


Specific solutions to the above problems


Wear OK glasses, red eyes how to do?

Often have patient consultation: how does eye red do? Can you still wear glasses? Is this problem bothering you?


1、 What causes red eyes?


In the eye (white eye) has more blood vessels, if you encounter bad sleep, overwork, irritation, inflammation, environmental pollution, etc., the blood vessels in the eyes will cause congestion, and the blood threads will be more serious than usual. Even by the influence of external forces, blood vessels will rupture, causing bleeding.


In short, there are many causes of eye redness, and the treatment methods are not the same.


2、 Eyes red, can you continue to wear orthokeratology lens?


The human eye in the normal state will more or less exist some red blood, then this situation does not affect the normal wearing.


Wearing rigid contact lenses such as contact lenses, RGP and other hard contact lenses will contact the eyes, so the eyes will have some slight congestion phenomenon, which can be worn normally without affecting the health of the eyes.


3、 Under what circumstances is it best not to wear them?


As shown in the figure below, most of them are caused by inflammation. It is recommended not to wear them temporarily and go to the hospital for treatment.


Of course, knead the eye, the eye inside into the foreign body, will also appear as shown in Figure 2 such obvious congestion phenomenon, how to distinguish?


The simplest method is that after half an hour, it is found that the red blood filaments of the eyes have been obviously eliminated until they return to normal shape. We can generally judge that it is the hyperemia caused by stimulation, and we can consider continuing to wear them.


Note: if the condition becomes heavier immediately after wearing, please stop wearing and take the lens to the fitting agency for inspection. It is suspected that the lens is not clean or scratched.


How should we deal with this situation?


1. Apply cold towel on the eyes, which can contract blood vessels, moisten eyes, and accelerate the elimination of eye redness caused by eye fatigue and irritation.


2. Use eye drops under the guidance of ophthalmologists: the eye drops used for eye red caused by different reasons are not the same. Do not purchase and use them at will, so as to avoid aggravating the red blood filament.


Lens drop

If the lens falls off the table or on the floor, don't worry, first see which side is up. If the concave surface is upward, dip your finger in water and hold the lens edge directly. Do not drag the lens on the ground, otherwise the lens will be seriously worn. If the convex surface is upward, do not try to take it by hand, but directly suck it with a sucker rod. Any other attempt may damage or even break the lens;