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The most complete in history! Easy to cause corneal orthosis lens fragment posture big disk point!

Published people:Internet Society Published time:2020.11.14 Download the number:0

The causes of corneal plastic lens fragments are as follows: 1


1、 Debris in storage box


1. Flat box fragments. There are generally three situations:

1) When the nursing fluid is too full, the lens is still floating on the edge, so screw the lens cover and crush it;

2) The concave side of the lens faces down to form a vacuum with the bottom of the box, and then take out the mirror with hands or sucker rod and press it to pieces;

3) The bumpy liquid was not placed in the care box;


2. Fragments of straight strip mirror box.

1) When the lens is placed, it touches the edge of the card slot, causing cracks and holes that are not easy to be found, and it is easy to cause "inexplicable" fragments in the next step of use. If it is serious, the edge will collapse on the spot;

2) Both sides of the lens are not completely clamped in the clip, while in the clip and outside the clip. The force is uneven for a long time. One day, it will become two parts when it is taken out!


3. When using the flat box, when soaking AB solution, you should also pay attention to avoid the edge of the slot and make sure that both sides of the lens are in the clip!


2、 Debris during lens washing


There are generally four points as follows:

1. Put the lens on one finger to develop the film;

2. The lens with scratch is pressed down hard and the force is not controlled;

3. Often use the sharp fingertip to cut, and the scratch becomes crack;

4. The thumb and index finger took the film vertically without controlling the force;

5. Do not turn the lens over with one hand when washing lens. Some children like to play with lenses, one hand lens from concave to convex or from convex to concave, when the force is not good, the lens is easy to become two!


3、 Pieces of debris

It is usually crushed.


4、 Debris when removing mirror

1. There are cracks or scratches on the lens, and the lens is not fully lubricated in the morning. The lens will be slightly tight after wearing it all night. When the lens is taken vertically by force, it is easy to damage the lens!

2. When removing the lens from the sucker rod, hold the two sides of the lens directly, instead of sliding out from the side.

3. When removing the lens from the suction rod, do not just hold the corner of the lens. When the suction rod is too tight, it is easy to break the edge.


5、 Seasonal debris

In winter, the temperature is low, the hands are stiff, and the contact lens strength is not well controlled, resulting in the crushing of the above conditions.